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Izzy Intro Post (Post) 30 points
>Lin (New CR, 10 comments, +10) 35 points 5 points
>Terezi (New CR, 10 comments) 30 points  20 points
>Di (New CR, 10 comments, +10) 35 points 5 points
>Dustin (New CR, 10 comments, +10) 35 points
>Journal (New CR, 10 comments) 25 points
>Natalie (New CR, 10 comments, +10) 35 points
>Justin (New CR, 10 comments, +10) 35 points
>Hajime (New CR, 10 comments, +10) 35 points
>Aeleus (New CR, 10 comments) 25 points
>Eddie (New CR) 20 points
Jet meet (New CR, 10 comments, log tag) 40 points
Psii meet (New CR, 10 comments, log tag, +10) 45 points
Terezi (10 comments, log tag, +10, +10) 30 points
Albert meet (New CR, 10 comments, log tag, +10, +10) 50 points
Bertie tea (10 comments, log tag, +10, +10, +10) 35 points
Jay (New CR, 10 comments, +10) 35 points 5 points as of Feb
A plea to Zephyr (New CR, NPC tag, 10 comments) 40 points
Di Allegiance (10 comments, +10, +10) 15 points
Lili (10 comments, New CR) 30 points
Dustin Item Talk (10 comments) 10 points
Birthday Psii (10 comments) 10 points
Birthday Lin (10 comments) 10 points
Reassuring Di (10 comments in the Mailbox) 25 points


Karkat (New CR, log tag, 10 comments, +10, +10) 50 points 30 points as of Feb


Vriska (New CR) 20 points
Murai (New CR, 10 comments) 30 points 10 points
Albert Market Chat (10 comments) 10 points
Di (10 comments, +10, +10) 20 points 10 points
Jet (10 comments, +10, log tag) 25 points
Open Forum (10 comments +10) 15 points


Tiny Di (10 comments, +10 +10, +10, +10, +10) 35 points 25 points as of May
TinyRezi (10 comments, +10, +10) 20 points 10 points
BittyIz & Albert (10 comments, +10, +10) 20 points
Albert (10 comments, +10, +10) 20 points
Bitty Justin (10 comments, +10) 15 points
Smallmond (10 comments, New CR) 20 points 10 points
BittyDustin (10 comments, +10) 15 points 5 points as of May
BittyNatalie (10 comments) 10 points
Bitty Jet (10 comments) 10 points
Zephyr & BittyIz (10 comments) 10 points



Jet (10 comments, log tag) 20 points
Post Bitty Log (Post) 30 points
>Jet (10 comments) 10 points
>Di (10 comments, +10, +10, +10) 25 points
>Justin (10 comments) 10 points
Dolo (10 comments, log tag, New CR) 40 points 20 points
Bertie's Piano lessons (10 comments, post) 40 points 20 points


Waspfire (10 comments, log tag) 20 points
Terezi, Di painting (10 comment, 10+, 10+, log tag) 30 points
Horta (10 comments, new CR, NPC tag) 40 points 30 points
Fashion babble (10 comments) 10 points


Winnie The Pooh
(New CR, 10 comments) 30 points
Jet (10 comments) 10 points
The Carnival of Dreams
>Ienzo (New CR, 10 comments) 30 points 20 points
>Di (10 comments, +10, +10, +10) 25 points 15 points 5 points
>Terezi (10 comments) 10 points
>Bertie (10 comments) 10 points
A tale of legs (10 comments, +10) 15 points
A theft of legs (10 comments, +10, +10) 20 points
Clown Talk (10 comments) 10 points
Mary (New CR) 20 points


Dolo talk (10 comments, log tag) 20 points 10 points
Psii Returns (10 comments, New CR) 30 points
Psii reunion (10 comments, NPC tag, post) 50 points 40 points
Muted Event
>Mila (10 comments)
>Terezi (10 comments)
Translation with Terezi (10 comments) 10 points
Spirit (10 comments, New CR) 30 points 10 points
Izzy Confesses to Terezi (10 comments, +10, +10, +10, +10, +10) 35 points 15 points as of Sept


Justin Asks Advice (5 Mailbox Comments) 10 points


Terezi in flight (10 comments) 10 points


Fear God (10 comments, NPC tag) 20 points
Cat Di (10 comments, +10 +10) 20 points 10 points
Healer Psii //Ongoing
Cat Di Strikes Back (10 comments) 10 points
No Flirting (10 comments) 10 points
Di and Iz not flirting (10 comments) 10 points
Signing with Terezi (10 comments, +10) 15 points 10 points
Di and Iz Dispute (+10 mailbox comments) 25 points
Di and Iz Gift (+10 mailbox comments) 25 points 5 points as of Jan
Di and Iz Gift Part 2 (+10 mailbox comments) 25 points
Terezi Gift (9 mailbox comments) 18 points
Iz confesses (9 mailbox comments) 18 points
Peter (New CR) 20 points
Justin (10 comments) 10 points
Dist (New CR) 20 points


Birthday post (Post) 30 points
>Eddie (10 comments) 10 points
>Psii/Iz //Ongoing
>Ter/Iz 1 (10 comments) 10 points //Ongoing
>ter/iz 2 (10 comments, +10) 10 points //Ongoing
Bertie Playground (10 comments, log tag) 20 points //Ongoing
Psii help (10 comments, log tag) 20 points //Ongoing
Terezi tightrope (10 comments, log tag) 20 points
Eddie Voodoo (10 comments) 10 points
Psii feeds the Tribbles (10 comments) 10 points
Charms and Teeth (10 comments, +10, +10, +10) 25 points
An Apology (6 mailbox comments) 12 points
Dave Lalonde (New CR) 20 points
Peacemaking Take 2 with Terezi (10 comments) 10 points


Peter's Nightmare (10 comments, +10, +10) 20 points
Kurloz^2 (10 comments, +10, +10) 20 points
Thanking Zephyr (10 comments, +10) 15 points
Re-meeting SRC Terezi (New CR, 10 comments) 30 points
Rossan (New CR) 20 points


Sunset Circus Terezi (10 comments, +10, +10, +10) 25 points //Ongoing
Zephyr Stars (10 comments, NPC tag) 20 points
Dog (10 comments) 10 points //Ongoing
Terezi Apology (10 comments, log tag) 20 points //Ongoing
Letter To Ammond (1 comment) 2 points


Justin V.S Iz (10 comments) 10 points
Peter Chat (10 comments, +10) 15 points
Rolyscorpoly (10 comments, NPC tag) 20 points
Terezi revelation (log tag) 10 points //Ongoing
Peter Refuses Farming (10 comments) 10 points
Di is Family (10 comments, +10, +10, +10, +10, +10, +10) 40 points
Peter and Chosen Children (10 comments, +10) 15 points
Xanthous (log tag) 10 points //Ongoing
Izzy's Market (post) 30 points


PG's Confession (New CR, 10 comments) 30 points //Ongoing


Meeting Jade (10 comments, New CR) 30 points
Di Tree Talk (10 comments, +10) 15 points 5 points //Ongoing
Deei (New CR, NPC tag) 30 points 20 points //Ongoing


Sasha's Confession (10 comments, New CR) 30 points
Jade Lite Bright (10 comments) 10 points
Di teasing (10 comments) 10 points
Terezi finds out about Terezi (10 comments, +10) 15 points
 Eddie Compliment Contest (10 Comments) 10 points //Ongoing
Help for Jeremy (10 comments New CR) 30 points 
Izzy paints with Di (10 comments, Open log) 40 points //Ongoing


200 Free Points
Di's B-day (10 comments) 10 points  //Ongoing
Horta letters (10 comments, npc tag) 20 points //Ongoing
Xun (10 comments +10, NPC tag, New CR, +10) 50 points //Ongoing


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As not much is explicitly stated for his canon, he runs off a lot of headcanon, however, if you have any suggestions or feel I'm doing something incorrectly with him, feel from to leave a comment below.  Same goes for any general questions, if you desire to opt on on being tagged by him, having his speech modified in tags to you, etc. For alternate means of contact, you can reach me (Fritz) at:
AIM: dumbhippiekid
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The Initiate | 1338 Pound Cake Lane
carnagecarnival: Haircut (For that stolen heart.)
Player Name: Fritz
Preferred Pronouns?: They/them
Player Contact: Aim @ Dumbhippiedkid [ profile] Dumbhippiedkid
Other characters in play? Hzee is dropped, so no.

Character Name: The Grand Highblood / Kurloz Makara / The Initiate Fraysong (Canon title/canon name/headcanon title for him pre-ghb)
Canon: Homestuck
Game Transplant: The Games
Original App: here Corrected & more filled out history is here
Game Summary: "The Games is an action packed, panfandom RP based off Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy, where, instead of citizens of the 12 Districts of Panem playing in the Arena(s) as tributes, characters from other fandoms are reaped in their stead."

How long was your character in Game: May 5th 2013 and on ( 1 year, 8 months)
History of Character in their Game: Here. He'll be coming in between his death in the Space Arena + the dream 4th wall event in WTL.

How did they change from their canon personality wise (Please explain what caused it to happen?)

-He got over his issues with rebellion and thinking they were all traitorous scumbags thanks to Disciple (who reached out to him and told him the spectrum could be made with pigments, not blood. Her reaching out and losing his arguments with her showed him that he was wrong about their nature), Psiioniic (who's care and affection made him grow attatched, and with that attachment in place, he began to doubt his old misconceptions, thus turning "he was wrong but he learned" to "he was never wrong, he didn't desrve what happened to him") and of course, in becoming a rebel himself, he got to see first hand what it's like.

-His hatred of Signless was worked out with Kankri (who showed him that Signless's default was not as liar and snickering villain, but a person. This happened when Kankri used Seer Of Blood abilities on him and found out Signless and Initiate's old bond.), Terezi (who promised to help work things out with he and Signless, and later became their auspistice.), and Signless himself (after several talks and fights, wherein they came to an understanding of what really happened and slowly started on overcoming their issues).

-His Culling obsession was quelled by Terezi, (who told him of guilt and all it's weight and who each life mattered), Eponine (who was deeply upset when he culled her friend and who inspired some guilt in him, with it following Terezi's talk and Eponine having once been a friend), and Charlie + his Avoxing (He was avoxed for trying to attack a peacekeeper and heavily conditioned not to harm or kill, making the whole thing a very feared act, near impossible. When he killed Charlie to save Terezi, it caused a severe meltdown, and since then culling has been a non-option).

-His old issues with his lusus were quelled when he reconciled with the old goat during the family event, getting one last moment together before the goat was taken away. Sigma Klim also helped, taking Initiate in and showing that parents can make mistakes, it wasn't Initiate's fault, and he's still worthy of care.

-When Kankri first told him his other/past life was a mute, the Initiate became incredibly aware of the avoxes around him in a way he hadn't before. Over time, this grew, esepecially when the Beforan Kurloz showed up for the family event. He took to symapthizing with avoxes, developing fond acquiantance with one, Cecil Palmer. Kurloz showed up again, and very soon later, the Initiate himself was made an avox. He met other avoxes and operated as one. With his care spread to all these strangers, he developed an empathy for people beyond himself in general. This empathy extends to people like Kevin, who's fear he felt but he chose not to help, leaving the Initiate with guilt, then an investment in doing right by others where he could.

-He's been scolded on the differences between killing children v.s adults by Claudia. He later discussed it more calmly with Thor. He's starting to understand a little, and respects that humans feels some need to protect perceived innocence. This adds to his care for those like Sandy and Pruna, as well as his descendant, as these human ideals are pushed on him and his fondness for these youths grow. He takes it upon himself to "big brother" people despite having no concept of what that really means.

-The Helmsman, Reglare, Terezi, and the capitol giving him a biography of himself all lead to his knowing his dark future. Between his fondness for the Helmsman and for Terezi, he starts finding reasons to leave that future behind, not wanting to be one who hurts them.

-Talking with Courfeyrac, when Courfeyrac would ask his opinion and thoughts, he realised talking things out calmly would actually get him somewhere-- even with those rebellious types.

-People like Clara, Albert, Sam, and more, made him feel like less of a monster. At various points they talked him through things, telling him he deserved better, that he was truly destined for cruelty, he could be good, and if he wanted it, he was well on his way already.

-When capitol gave biographies of the tributes, he read both his and his Alternate's books. He read the early parts of their childhoods and realised (made him remember) he wasn't always as terrible as he'd been and it was in him to be good. With Avox conditioning (forcing him to be meek and quiet and unobtrusive) directly clashing with enforced Alternian behaviours (boisterous, cruel, etc.), both parts began to break each other down, leaving a fragile and fractured person, but still one who was more himself than he'd been. He is more willing to show his genuine feelings, less willing to put up personas.

-Being a former avox makes him incredibly sensitive to being given commands. Putting him into a spot that inspires misery will have him settle back into a subervient catering role. He's obsessed with keeping things clean and gets uncomfortable making or leaving a mess.

-Because of all his work to be better, he has a lot of guilt and very actively keeps trying to be better. Thanks to Terezi's guidance, he knows not to simply offer his life to those he thinks have right to kill him. He is quick now to apologize, where before he would never. This comes of many rounds of recognizing wrongs within the games.

-The kindness of the other Tributes showed him that being a decent person can be pretty alright, not something to be afraid of. The Helmsman gave him his first true friendship and a reason to reach out to others again. Terezi gave him reason to believe that not everyone would leave and betray him at the drop of a hat, when she came to him after a fight, inspiring him when she said the reason she still believed in him was because he had stayed for her when she was down. Hearing those words, he realised walking away would make him just like those he perceived to have abandoned him and he chose not to be like that. He was later convinced by her that even if he lost people, it would still be worth the risk and worth it to stay good (not a monster).

How did they change from their canon physically (Please explain what caused it to happen?): Very little. Characters are restored after each death, thus ageing has not been a factor. At the moment, his hair is cut short (with small braids at the front) and his horns have been sawed off right at the base.
Powers: Chucklevoodoos and lifespans described here.
Possessions: facepaint, four tribbles, several piles of small animal bones and bone creations, a necklace with interlocked circles of red-teal-indigo, a golden goat's skull, and a small tube of makeup, and a little jar piece with a red plant inside. A skull ring, an indigo cloak, armor made from bones, and a variety of outfits including his subjugglator uniform, and a number of other Capitol designed variations and outfits.

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Sample One: Disciple changing his mind and reaching for him as he fell
Sample Two: Initiate hosts a shitty proxy-Carnival
Sample Three: Running into Terezi after his Avoxing
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