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HATCHNAME: Kurloz Makara
TITLE: The Mediator Izzekiel Piedsoul
A.K.A.: Izzy, The Initiate Fraysong, The Grand Highblood
HOMEWORLD: Alternia (Memory of Beforus)
ROLE: Subjugglator, Laughsassin, Preacher
2ND WORLD: The Capitol of Panem
ROLE: Tribute, Avox, Rebel
AGE: 21 Y / 10 S
BLOOD: Indigo


HEIGHT: 8'0" + horns
HORNS: Wavy (Blackbuck), smooth, candy corn colors
BUILD: Lean, wide feminine hips, mutated arms, androgyn
HAIR: Black, afro coily, two braids at front
EYES: Indigo irises filled in, gold sclera, turns deeper red with anger
OTHER: Grey skintone, long yellow claws, overbite of large fangs, goat-ish ears, stunted earfins, heavily scarred from the neck down
DRESS: See inventory. Always wears arm gloves.
VOICE: Androgyn
STANCE: Predatory, princely, casual slouch, straight-backed; mood dependant


HOME: 1338 Pound Cake Lane
ROLE: Preacher, Patrol Officer, Enforcement??
TRADE: Fish & Game, Crickets, Goat Dairy, Goat soap, Bone craft, Plant Dyes, Pumpkins, Squash, Catnip, Catnip joints
TASK: Signing Lessons, Combat Training, Painting, Sewing, Heavy Lifting
PLACE: Carnival tent on Shore, Goat Pen by home
STUDY: Braille, Baking, Piano, Guitar, Netmaking
GOATS: Glitz, Denneb, Grief, Merry, Jettah, His Levity, Bonanza, Tiny
nature, nurture, heaven, and home
Open your heart and hands, my son
or you'll never make it over the river

Izzekiel, formerly known as the Initiate, born Kurloz Makara, is The Grand Highblood at a young age, come from before having reached the throne. He has been away from his homeworld for four years as of May. He has undergone a serious effort for redemption prior to arriving in the meadous. He was originally reaped by The Capitol to compete in the Hunger Games on behalf of District 5, with the second highest rating due to lack of crowd appeal. On August 14th 2014 he was Avoxed, a process of torture, drugging, and conditioning used to breakdown the will.

On Dec 20th 2014/Jan 6th 2015, Izzekiel arrived in the meadous, while also carrying on in Panem. He wished away vocal fluctuations almost immediately after and adopted the nickname "Izzy" to try and remain covert. On April 2015 he temporarily de-aged to a youthful state. On Sept 2015 he revealed his status as the young Grand Highblood to the meadous. Feb 27th 2016 and Jan 7 2017 he received memories of his previous life as Kurloz Makara on Beforus, to just after his vision but before he bit his tongue out. He requested new title soon after, and was granted such by the collaborative efforts of Aletheia, Bertie, and Lydian.

With the influence of all this and those around him, his behaviour has shifted drastically, though he shows more sign of his different sides depending upon the situation and his moods. He currently resides in the meadous living a relatively calm life.

HISTORY. Wiki article here covers Alternian history and Panem history up to his death in the space arena, his split time, and arrival in the meadous. His Alternian history in his POV/fic-form can be read here. He is entirely aware of his Alternian future, and mostly aware of his Beforan past, as well as some aspects of Sgrub, Earth, and his role(s) in this.

FAITH. Detailed explanation of his faith is here. His personal aspect of Fear is self described as being the instinct of fear, able to harm and hurt and drive to mandness, but also protecting, inspiring, and being a key and critical part of every creature. It can cause havoc on a mind or be used to speak, create, and know those most vital and intimate parts by simply feeling. Fear is sacred. His paint design is as shown in the large icon.

In his faith, he stands as Fear's personification. He heeds the Messiahs as dual balanced beings. He is aware in a sense of what the Lord looks like and also that the cherub angels play a part, but he has not solidified the revelation that they are one in the same. He does understand that Gamzee, likewise, is integral, but does not uphold him at this point in time. He understands that he and Gamzee are of "the Messiah's direct line and blood". He is aware of earth and there (failed) role on it, but he is not aware in this timeline that the Minstrels are the humans.

He has discussed his Faith with Zephyr and come to determine than they are not Gods, conflicting with his faith, but very powerful beings. He deems them "Miracle Guardians" the same way he deems his circles of 12/24 as "Failed Guardians" or simply "Guardians", in the sense that they created a world, influenced it, and are (supposed) to be charged with watching over it. He vaguely considers the concept that there may be true gods in other worlds, but he tends to recognize none of them officially save for his own Mirthful Messiahs. He has abandoned past vendettas against blasphemey, for the most part.

RELATIONS. His current relations can be seen on his most recent CR-Chart.

KILL COUNT. 25+ Indirect and direct since coming from Alternia. More details here. Hundreds to a thousand in general. Millions if including his future (and his past).

COMBAT. Preferential to clubs. Proficient in all types of general meelee, archery, and unarmed combat. Doesn't like guns. Trained in all forms, including stealth assassination and crowd control.

DEATH COUNT & METHODS. Nine times total. Poisoned (a poison that brings back all pain and fear ever lived through), Stabbed/Mauled, Arrows, falling impalement, electrocution & rot, drowning, explosion, acid wash, split in two.

OTHER NOTES. Since the faked murder and his self-exile in May, Izzekiel smokes catnip on the regular to calm his nerves. He also sees Alice often for the same purpose. The star bracelet which helped bring sleep without nightmares, a gift from Zephyr, has been passed along to Gamzee Makara.

CHUCKLEVOODOO. The chucklevoodoo is an intensely comprehensive power with root in the the manipulation of fear and nightmares. He can sense and feel the fears of all others around and can pick out specific things inferred by those fears. He can create new fears in a variety of different forms, like waves of panic, nagging anxiety, unease, or full on terror. He could summon these fears from the depths of one's mind or create new ones out of nothing. He can break a person down, tearing them apart from the mind and the power could even touch and permanently mark the soul if he so wanted it to (for example, Meulin, Mituna, and Kurloz himself all retain their disabilities after dying when technically they should've been healed. They have at least a touch, each of them, of chucklevoodoo affect).

In dreams and in dream worlds, he would be able to shape the environment to his will with ease, using nightmares, which are but dreams with fear in them (it was this way he was so easily able to create his catacombs). He can also block out events and information in a person's mind, using fear, drawing up intense mental blocks that leave the victim woozy, dizzy, confused, and vaguely sick, while wondering what just happened. He can use this ability to speak directly into a persons mind that gives his "voice" an eerie echoing reverb, stirring up fears so that he may continue to speak. The downside is an increased propensity for nightmares and slow breaking down of sanity when overused. The commonality of chucklevoodoo in indigos and it's use is a major contributor to the long and short term instability of those in the indigo caste.

The use of chucklevoodoo causes a notable disturbance in vocalizations. First, voodoo is deemed "ancestral". There is a background layer of a couple thousand spooky indigo voices. Second, the "BIG" and "little", like Messiahs. Third is the normal "voice" on top. The combined points above make it so that voodoo tends to be loud, despite not truly having sound. When in use, even in a small way of affecting their general atmosphere, Voodoo causes alteration in volume to acquiesce to the voodoo's work in vocalization points. Overuse, especially in sudden overwhelming amounts, causes permanent damage.

The eyes to flash pink and indigo when voodoo is in intense use. The eyes of the manipulated victim will also flash.

Finally, this ability grows stronger with time and practice, as well as with outside influence of a voodoo greater than one's own. Izzekiel can currently sense the whole of the meadous right up to the walls.

VOODOO HEALING. Granted by Zephyr, this ability is simply a means for healing the self and others of any scarring that voodoo leaves, whether done by himself or by his God(s).

FLIGHT. Granted by Zephyr, Izzekiel is able to form insect wings from his back that allow him to fly. They retract effortlessly and disappear when unneeded.

SGRUB ABILITIES: PRINCE OF RAGE. LOCKED ABILITY. In his first life, Kurloz was deemed by the game of sgrub to be the Prince of Rage, which presumably gives to him or otherwise reveals a power to "destroy rage" or "destroy using rage" (or destroy the self through it). This could mean he literally has the ability to destroy rage, which he could do either to make a set person/group complacent, or alleviate one's anger until such a time it can resolved-- or even simply resolving it. He could be able to help calm people down, and this, tied with his chucklevoodoo, could go even past that to absolve fears and other needless negativity. There is theory that the aspect of Rage governs more than just rage itself but a whole range of different emotions, anything that is intense feeling. If this is true, this could lend to the destruction of his own feeling, or even different feelings in others. As many sgrub players retain the ghost of these abilities even in their second iteration, such things would be a possibility, if properly unlocked.

HIGHBLOOD ABILITIES. Though not generally considered a power, being a highblood of indigo status means increased endurance, strength, and lifespan. Izzekiel is able to take numerous injuries such as gunshot wounds and carry on. His strength is at extreme levels of being able to tear off heads with his hands, crush bones, or bend some kinds of metal. His lifespan is the third highest possible, at 1153 sweeps or 2499 years. There is also the possibility of preforming a "flashstep", which may be due to highblooded-ness, or may simply be due to influence and contact with his deity and related peoples (this may also allow the climbing of steep and flat surfaces). For now this latter ability is being considered LOCKED.

FOUR TRIBBLES. One purple with black polka-dots, three shades of brown and grey. Named Parabell, Tregatour, Carasoul, and Eli respectively. The first is a gift from Terezi Pyrope. The latter three are gifts from Pasha Polina Chekov.

FACEPAINTS. Standard clown greasepaint in white and grey.

WELCOME NOTE. Copies of the meadous welcome note, back when he still held a role of welcoming comittee & Peacemaker (named so by the trees) in the meadous.

TOKEN NECKLACE. A cord necklace with interlocked circles of red-teal-indigo (From Terezi), a golden goat's skull (Matching Xanthous'), a small tube of makeup, and a little jar piece with a red plant inside (From Signless). This was originally the "one" item he could bring into arenas. Now features feathers tied in, a silver ring of tiny metal skulls (From Terezi), a plain silver ring (Left behind by a previous Gamzee Makara).

QUILT. A generic quilt left behind by a previous Gamzee Makara in the meadous.

CLOAK. An indigo cloak gifted to him by the Justin Law in Panem, unbeknownst to him.

BONE ARMOUR 1. Hand crafted armour made of bones. Armguards and chest-piece. Rainbow stained with troll blood. Outgrown.

BONE ARMOUR 2. Hand crafted armour made of bones. Armguards and chest-piece. Remade out of his Elder Self's bones.

CLUB. A wicked spiked club. Rainbow stains from troll blood. Very heavy.

BONE CHANDELIER. A chandelier made of his Elder Self's bones. Kept in the Carnival tent.

SUBBJUGGLATOR UNIFORMS. Subjugglator uniforms of slightly varying design. Personalized, Generic, Dark Season, Celebration. Includes boots.

PREACHERS ROBES. Preachers robes in both indigo, and rainbow colors.

BASIC CLOTHING. Generic clothing, the Capitol wardrobe, suits, princely garb, old alternian ragged-wear, some beforan favourites. (Most commonly found in turtleneck sleeveless belly-tops and baggy pants or shorts with leggings.)

AN EGG. A painted egg from Imparter, given during the meadous bout of "childhood".

BONES. Generic bones mostly from animals, a few shells. Many have been crafted into small tools and sculptures.

PAINT. Paints for painting. Also includes a small bit of blood in all troll colors.

STARDUST. Powdered glitter and maybe bones, used in prayer.

TOOLS & NAILS. Gifted by Zephyr to allow him to make the Goat pen.

HEATER. A heater for the stable during the winter months.

HAY. From Zephyr, for goat feed and bedding.

ORBEEZ. From Zephyr. Orbeez come in all colors.

FAYGO BUSH. A large Alternian bush similar to the purple beauty berry shrub, situated close to where Izzy's tent was in the Meadow. The bush produces plastic bottles filled with different flavors of faygo. The drinks grow on the ends of each shrub strand, magically not weighing it down. There are about 15 bottles of the bush at any one time. They take three days to regrow once picked.

DRIED OUT FLOWER CROWN. A gift from Jeremy.

HOVERBOARD. The shared prize won with the Neophyte Redglare. Held on behalf of and shared with Terezi Pyrope and Aletheia Treewyrm.

SUBJUGGLATOR LOGS. Portions of the following logs from here.

OLD COPY OF BEFORAN HAMLET. A gift from Zephyr. The book contains old scrawlings and scribbles done out of love. Written entirely in Beforan language. Has his hatchname on the inside written in a childish version of his script. Formerly a gift from his Ancestor.

GOSPELEVITY OF THE MIRTHFUL MESSIAHS. A gift from Zephyr. A complete and massive compilation of Alternian and Beforan scripture, corrected to suit what Izzekiel knows now.

Izzekiel's home is a spacious area designed to look like a combination of his room in the Capitol and his former home on Alternia, and bits of the church. From the ceiling hang long draping curtains in all colors, flacked with silver and gold, and splattered with even more color. A large pile of similarly designed pillows sit upon the floor. Spheres of light hang from the ceiling, in yet more colors, casting a gentle glow upon the room.

There is an old and large recooperacoon filled with sopor slime. Much of the other furniture appears either hand-crafted, rather old and musty (including a teal-coloured lounge seat that has seen better days), or dark in color with intricate design. There are some asembled shelves piled with things borrowed from the library, as well as an old dogeared copy of hamlet and numerous collections of small oddities such as bones and bone creations.

The kitchen area, open to everything else, is an odd combination of futuristic and primitive in design, with dark tile counter and table, as well as black fridge, in contrast with a clay wood burning stove with flat stone surface and hanging pots. Many of the tools to be found in the painted over cupboards are of similar jarring contrast. There is a deep round sink and wide space on one counter for cleaning and cutting caught game.

The bathroom goes off the main area. On either side of the entry way are storage closets. The bathroom is moderately spacious, with a vanity for applying and fixing makeup and a quite-large bathtub with shower-head.

Many of the windows are done up in stained glass, reflecting images of his faith into the house. The front door is heavy wood and has a crack run from the top from a time it was slammed. The walls of the home are entirely painted from bottom to top with colorful abstract murals that blend into one another. Within these murals is more evidence of faith, as well as dedications to family past, most notably, Sigma Klim, Jet Link, Albert Heinrich, Sam Wilson, The Imparter (Disciple), Xanthous (The Psiioniic), The Signless, The Neophyte Redglare a nameless Girl called Pruna, Sandy Marko, Azula, Punchy O'Conner, Pasha Chekov, Nill, Cecil Palmer, Kevin, Terezi Pyrope, Jane Shepard, Bertie Wooster, Aletheia Treewyrm, Beforans, Avoxes, old subjugglator troops, a seagoat, and a number of others. The majority of these references are in memorial. Because of the abstract nature, these are not always obvious.

Bowls of water sit around the home for no reason other than old habit and water-nearness. The center of the main room is typically reserved for work, craft, or meditation.
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As not much is explicitly stated for his canon, he runs off a lot of headcanon, however, if you have any suggestions or feel I'm doing something incorrectly with him, feel from to leave a comment below.  Same goes for any general questions, if you desire to opt on on being tagged by him, having his speech modified in tags to you, etc. For alternate means of contact, you can reach me (Fritz) at:
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The Initiate | 1338 Pound Cake Lane
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Player Name: Fritz
Preferred Pronouns?: They/them
Player Contact: Aim @ Dumbhippiedkid [ profile] Dumbhippiedkid
Other characters in play? Hzee is dropped, so no.

Character Name: The Grand Highblood / Kurloz Makara / The Initiate Fraysong (Canon title/canon name/headcanon title for him pre-ghb)
Canon: Homestuck
Game Transplant: The Games
Original App: here Corrected & more filled out history is here
Game Summary: "The Games is an action packed, panfandom RP based off Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy, where, instead of citizens of the 12 Districts of Panem playing in the Arena(s) as tributes, characters from other fandoms are reaped in their stead."

How long was your character in Game: May 5th 2013 and on ( 1 year, 8 months)
History of Character in their Game: Here. He'll be coming in between his death in the Space Arena + the dream 4th wall event in WTL.

How did they change from their canon personality wise (Please explain what caused it to happen?)

-He got over his issues with rebellion and thinking they were all traitorous scumbags thanks to Disciple (who reached out to him and told him the spectrum could be made with pigments, not blood. Her reaching out and losing his arguments with her showed him that he was wrong about their nature), Psiioniic (who's care and affection made him grow attatched, and with that attachment in place, he began to doubt his old misconceptions, thus turning "he was wrong but he learned" to "he was never wrong, he didn't desrve what happened to him") and of course, in becoming a rebel himself, he got to see first hand what it's like.

-His hatred of Signless was worked out with Kankri (who showed him that Signless's default was not as liar and snickering villain, but a person. This happened when Kankri used Seer Of Blood abilities on him and found out Signless and Initiate's old bond.), Terezi (who promised to help work things out with he and Signless, and later became their auspistice.), and Signless himself (after several talks and fights, wherein they came to an understanding of what really happened and slowly started on overcoming their issues).

-His Culling obsession was quelled by Terezi, (who told him of guilt and all it's weight and who each life mattered), Eponine (who was deeply upset when he culled her friend and who inspired some guilt in him, with it following Terezi's talk and Eponine having once been a friend), and Charlie + his Avoxing (He was avoxed for trying to attack a peacekeeper and heavily conditioned not to harm or kill, making the whole thing a very feared act, near impossible. When he killed Charlie to save Terezi, it caused a severe meltdown, and since then culling has been a non-option).

-His old issues with his lusus were quelled when he reconciled with the old goat during the family event, getting one last moment together before the goat was taken away. Sigma Klim also helped, taking Initiate in and showing that parents can make mistakes, it wasn't Initiate's fault, and he's still worthy of care.

-When Kankri first told him his other/past life was a mute, the Initiate became incredibly aware of the avoxes around him in a way he hadn't before. Over time, this grew, esepecially when the Beforan Kurloz showed up for the family event. He took to symapthizing with avoxes, developing fond acquiantance with one, Cecil Palmer. Kurloz showed up again, and very soon later, the Initiate himself was made an avox. He met other avoxes and operated as one. With his care spread to all these strangers, he developed an empathy for people beyond himself in general. This empathy extends to people like Kevin, who's fear he felt but he chose not to help, leaving the Initiate with guilt, then an investment in doing right by others where he could.

-He's been scolded on the differences between killing children v.s adults by Claudia. He later discussed it more calmly with Thor. He's starting to understand a little, and respects that humans feels some need to protect perceived innocence. This adds to his care for those like Sandy and Pruna, as well as his descendant, as these human ideals are pushed on him and his fondness for these youths grow. He takes it upon himself to "big brother" people despite having no concept of what that really means.

-The Helmsman, Reglare, Terezi, and the capitol giving him a biography of himself all lead to his knowing his dark future. Between his fondness for the Helmsman and for Terezi, he starts finding reasons to leave that future behind, not wanting to be one who hurts them.

-Talking with Courfeyrac, when Courfeyrac would ask his opinion and thoughts, he realised talking things out calmly would actually get him somewhere-- even with those rebellious types.

-People like Clara, Albert, Sam, and more, made him feel like less of a monster. At various points they talked him through things, telling him he deserved better, that he was truly destined for cruelty, he could be good, and if he wanted it, he was well on his way already.

-When capitol gave biographies of the tributes, he read both his and his Alternate's books. He read the early parts of their childhoods and realised (made him remember) he wasn't always as terrible as he'd been and it was in him to be good. With Avox conditioning (forcing him to be meek and quiet and unobtrusive) directly clashing with enforced Alternian behaviours (boisterous, cruel, etc.), both parts began to break each other down, leaving a fragile and fractured person, but still one who was more himself than he'd been. He is more willing to show his genuine feelings, less willing to put up personas.

-Being a former avox makes him incredibly sensitive to being given commands. Putting him into a spot that inspires misery will have him settle back into a subervient catering role. He's obsessed with keeping things clean and gets uncomfortable making or leaving a mess.

-Because of all his work to be better, he has a lot of guilt and very actively keeps trying to be better. Thanks to Terezi's guidance, he knows not to simply offer his life to those he thinks have right to kill him. He is quick now to apologize, where before he would never. This comes of many rounds of recognizing wrongs within the games.

-The kindness of the other Tributes showed him that being a decent person can be pretty alright, not something to be afraid of. The Helmsman gave him his first true friendship and a reason to reach out to others again. Terezi gave him reason to believe that not everyone would leave and betray him at the drop of a hat, when she came to him after a fight, inspiring him when she said the reason she still believed in him was because he had stayed for her when she was down. Hearing those words, he realised walking away would make him just like those he perceived to have abandoned him and he chose not to be like that. He was later convinced by her that even if he lost people, it would still be worth the risk and worth it to stay good (not a monster).

How did they change from their canon physically (Please explain what caused it to happen?): Very little. Characters are restored after each death, thus ageing has not been a factor. At the moment, his hair is cut short (with small braids at the front) and his horns have been sawed off right at the base.
Powers: Chucklevoodoos and lifespans described here.
Possessions: facepaint, four tribbles, several piles of small animal bones and bone creations, a necklace with interlocked circles of red-teal-indigo, a golden goat's skull, and a small tube of makeup, and a little jar piece with a red plant inside. A skull ring, an indigo cloak, armor made from bones, and a variety of outfits including his subjugglator uniform, and a number of other Capitol designed variations and outfits.

Please provide three samples from your previous game, at least one will have to be third person with context:
Sample One: Disciple changing his mind and reaching for him as he fell
Sample Two: Initiate hosts a shitty proxy-Carnival
Sample Three: Running into Terezi after his Avoxing
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